Outstanding stain removal

Cleaning of black stains and grime from edges, objects, and appliances
Cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas
Removing filth and dark stains from the geyser’s top, the area behind the toilet, etc.
Cleaning of all surfaces and areas
Cleaning of the floor, shelves, wall, ceiling, shower cabinet, bathtub, and high-touch surfaces.
Final touches
using a multi-fiber cloth to dry the bathroom, replenishing supplies, and spritzing perfumed air freshener

Dry dusting

Dust removal with a dry towel

Stain Removal

Using a chemical spray and scrubbing to remove stains off surfaces

Wet wiping

Making use of a damp microfiber cloth to clean the surface

  • Please make a ladder available if necessary.
  • Wall cleaning with water
  • Floor and tile cleaning using a scrubber