Back detan


To disappear your tan, dark spots, and pigmentation.

Adding up the shine to your skin, use the Raaga Express Facial detain mask.

It contains enlivening components such as chamomile, lemon, kojic acid, and lactic acid.


Post-Care Tips

Hydrates skin.

For long-lasting charm and glow, Often use moisturizer and sunscreen.


Say no to a chemical product.

For 1-2 days, forget to apply face oils, scrubs, etc.

Skip using the scrub for four days.

Skip washing your face for four days.


See how it works?


Makeup, grime, oil, and other pollutants can disappear with rose water wipes.



Using Cheryl’s Oxyderm pre-bleach lotion to furnish a layer of shield and decrease irritation



The combination of blended bleach mixed with cream and activator circulates evenly.



Head, shoulder, and hand massages as the bleach dry



Removal of bleach using a spatula and rosewater wipes

Applying a moisturizer and Cheryl’s Oxyderm post-bleach lotion to moisten the skinĀ