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See how it works?

skin preparation

To unclog the pores and buffer the skin, use a warm water compress, tea tree scrub, and pre-wax gel.


Using roll-on wax

The roll-on wax process is livery and low-heat and clearing hair with a single-use strip

Applying oil after waxing

After cleaning to release stickiness, apply post-wax oil for a calming effect.

Losin Post Bipil Ate Vera after-wax lotion by RICA

Three 14-250 mle.84flex

Massaging pressure

Alleviating massage with tiniest pressure to comfort waxed skin

Cleaning up after services

Trash bag disposal for undesirable objects, together with water and wax removal from all textures


Post-care advice

Hydrate your skin

For long-lasting radiance, frequently apply moisturizer and sunscreen.


Say No to chemicals

After the service, wait 24 hours before applying cosmetics or harsh scrubbing.


12 hours without using soap


Skip having a heated shower right away.


Or warm water