Cleanse & Glow


  • Head Massage – 10 Min
  • Face Massage – 20 Min
  • Body Scrub – 30 MIn
  • Detailed Face massage and Head Massage During Body Scrub
  • Advantage: Strengthens facial muscles and soothes skin

Massage Process

  • Arrangements for Pre-Massage: The comfortable atmosphere and the massage bed set up before therapy.
  • Consultation: Customized: Customized Treatments Based on Your Needs
  • Massage: Highly aligned Massage Techniques & Essential Oils
  • After-Massage Care: Guidance On Aftercare & Consultation For Your Forthcoming Therapy

Navigation for Pre-Massage Care

  • Before scheduling an appointment, please pre-consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.
  • Before your massage, kindly let the professional know if you have any damages, trouble spots, or oil or ingredient allergies.
  • We Will Not Suggest Receiving Massage Therapy While Pregnant.
  • Skip having a heavy meal at least 2 hours before your massage.

Why Choose SOC

  • Atmosphere- Placing A Spa In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  • Talented therapists- Trained Massage Therapists With Expertise In Miscellaneous Massage Procedures
  • specialized Massages- Specialized therapies as per your requirements & problem spots
  • High-Level Products- Relaxing Massage Tables & Organic Essential Oils
  • mess-free Environment- Detailed clean up after service

Scrub Menu + Their Advantages

  • Cocao & Shea Butter: Assembles A Protection Layer Over the Skin To Retain Moisture In
  • Coffee Scrub: Anti-Aging Component and Get Rid Of Tan
  • Mango Scrub: Removes Antioxidants & Alleviates Skin Pores
  • Chocolate Scrub: Unclogs Dead Skin Cells & Controls acne Problems
  • Aloe Vera Scrub: The Most suitable Natural Scrub For Sensitive Skin