Deep Cleanse Pedicure


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Soak in Java Joe Salt
A 5-minute warm salt foot soak with Sea Minerals, Fitkari, and Sodium Chloride softens firm skin and leaves feet smelling good.
Nail Care and Cuticle Care
Nails are filed and filed, and cuticles are cleaned. Dead skin, calluses, and ingrown nails are all addressed.
Cleansing & Scrubbing with a Cool Refresher
The feet and calves are cleansed with Glycerin and Liquid Paraffin, then exfoliated with finely crushed Jojoba and Olive Oil.
Massage with Whipped Cream
To allow the cream to permeate into the skin, a 15-minute massage will be done.
Smoothie Mask for the Feet
A mask will be applied to your foot, leaving it hydrated, healthy, and odor-free.
Buffing and Finishing
The nails are then buffed with a fine grit buffer to restore their natural luster and finish.