SC Frozen Yogurt Icecream Mask Toe Tally


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Towel-off, foot scrub, cream massage, and foot mask for soft, moisturized feet


Five steps in a pedicure

  1. Preparation

Initiate by removing any last nail polish and then buffing and trimming your nails as expected.


  1. Nail care and soak

Usage of cuticle cream on all nails, along with a warm water swell gel soak for the feet


  1. Flaking

Applying cocoa butter and walnuts to gently exfoliate the skin of the foot from the ankles up


  1. Relaxation

A comfortable massage with chocolate and vanilla massage cream (10 minutes)


  1. MaskĀ 

Appling chocolate and vanilla mask with a brush, followed by filing and nail polish. (10 minutes)