Face Wax by Cirepil


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See how it works?


Comprehending the client’s skin type and requirements during the pre-service consultation


Skin preparation

After purifying the face, apply a jasmine pre-wax gel to buffer the skin and unclog the pores.

Applying low-temp wax after a patch trial. Usage of the disposable strip for hair removal


Applying oil after waxing

After scrubbing to clear stickiness, apply post-wax jasmine oil for a soothing effect.


Post-service cleaning

Garbage bag dumping for disfavored objects, concurrently with water and wax removal from all textures


Post-care advice

Hydrate your skin

For long-lasting radiance, frequently apply moisturizer and sunscreen.


Say No to chemicals

After the service, wait 24 hours before applying cosmetics or harsh scrubbing.


12 hours without using soap


Skip having a heated shower right away.


Or warm water