Fore head


Low-temperature Peel-off wax with anti-inflammatory qualities called Cirépil Visage


Using moisturizing elements like beeswax and apricot oil. Not suggested while using bleach.




See how it functions?


Comprehending the client’s skin type and requirements during the pre-service consultation


skin preparation

After rinsing your face, use a jasmine pre-wax gel to soften your skin and unclog your pores.


Application of wax

Applying low-temp wax after a patch trial and usage of disposable strip hair removal


Applying oil after waxing

After cleaning to clear stickiness, apply post-wax jasmine oil for a soothing effect.


Cleaning up after services

Garbage bag disposal for unwanted entities, together with water and wax removal from all textures


Tips for aftercare

Hydrate your skin

For long-lasting charm, frequently use moisturizer and sunscreen.


No chemical products

For 1-2 days, withhold from using face oils, scrubs, etc


Skip the warm water

Do not instantly rinse your face with warm or hot water.