Full kitchen cleaning



Remove all objects before cleaning

Removing the bathroom’s accessories and other items

Cleaning of all surfaces and areas

Cleaning of stains, deposits, and grime from windows, slabs, floors, and counter tops

Outstanding stain removal

Stain removal from wall tiles, sinks, fixtures, stoves, and ceiling fans

Cleaning of trolleys and furniture

Modular drawers, cabinet interiors, cupboards, and shelves must be cleaned of dust.

Appliance and chimney cleaning

Cleaning the exteriors and interiors of chimneys and other appliances of dirt, deposits, and stains

Hard to reach spots

Cleaning the space between furniture, behind the refrigerator, microwave, and under the sink

Final touches

Cleaning and refilling the kitchen’s supply of utensils

Pristine kitchen

A thorough and methodical cleaning process

  • Please make a ladder available if necessary.
  • Wall cleaning with water
  • Cleaning of chimneys and appliances is dependent on you.