Full Legs Bleach


Fighting dark spots and uneven tone using Olivia bleach. Favorable for sensitive skin

using organic ingredients like lemon extracts, aloe vera, and sandalwood, for example.

Tips for aftercare

hydrate your skin

For a long-lasting radiance, regularly use moisturiser and sunscreen.

No chemicals, please

For 1-2 days, refrain from applying face oils, scrubs, etc.

Don’t scrub for four days.

For four days, avoid washing your face.

See how it functions


Makeup, grime, oil, and other impurities can be thoroughly cleaned off with rose water wipes.

skin preparation

Application of Cheryl’s Oxyderm pre-bleach lotion to provide a layer of protection and lessen irritation


Applying a properly blended bleach prepared with cream and activator evenly


Head, shoulder, and hand massages as the bleach dries


bleach removal using a spatula and rosewater wipes

Applying a moisturiser after using Cheryl’s Oxyderm post-bleach lotion to moisturise