Geyser Servicing


  • Includes Thorough Cleaning And Geyser Descaling.
  • Speeds Heating And Enhances Machine Life.


Understand more about this service

  • Service requirements: Scaling, which can cause skin allergies, hair loss, and a decline in your geyser’s overall effectiveness, results from the minerals and salts that are present in water deposition inside your geyser over time.
  • Getting rid of scaling: The elimination of scaling, which makes your geyser as good as new, is the crucial stage in geyser maintenance.
  • Electricity savings and quicker heating: Word of advice! Having your geyser serviced increases its heating efficiency and reduces your need for electricity.
  • Ideal Time Frame: To maintain the long life of your geyser, it is recommended that you have it serviced at least once a year.

Soc Warranty: Protection For All Parts And Services

  • Returning For Free Without Any Conditions: We Are Committed To Giving Our Clients Top Quality Service. However, If The Problem With Your Appliance Recurs, Our Technicians Will Inspect You And Resolve The Issue At No Charge.
  • Up to 90 Days Warranty: Soc Warranty for 45 Days On All Servicing Jobs & 90 Days For All Repair & Installation Jobs
  • UP to 15000 Damage Protection: Get Up to 15,000 In Protection In Case There Are Any Damages During The Servicing Process.

What is not covered

After Service Delivery, A New Problem: The warranty does not apply to any new issues that arise after service or repair.

Soc Expert Professionals

  • Trained By Service O City
  • working Experience with all significant brands
  • Background Checked
  • Certified