Hot Stone Therapy


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Most common Inquiries

  • Recognizing Your Body: We recognize the value of having the ideal massage experience. Before beginning the therapy, our therapist will meet with you to discuss your pain threshold and major pain regions.
  • Placement of Stones and Back Massage: Your back and other body regions would first receive the stones from our therapist, who would then begin to massage you using a range of methods, including kneading and Stretching.
  • Thigh Massage: After that, our therapist would work on the lower body, releasing tension in the arms and legs by kneading and employing methods like Lifting. These will assist in easing stiffness.
  • Complete-Body Massage: After that, our therapist would apply light pressure while massaging the entire body using methods like kneading and Stretching.
  • Following Therapy Care: Our therapist would then offer guidance to guarantee that your physical pain has been eased. We want to make sure you are well taken care of.