Kitchen Only


Thorough inspection of the area

After thoroughly inspecting your property, our pest treatment specialist discovers cockroaches, ants, and other crawling and flying insects in tricky hiding places.

Unique 2 visit treatment Treatment

will take place over 2 weeks, in 2 segments. A gel treatment will be administered at the second visit after the initial visit’s spray treatment.

Breaks pest lifecycle

We can stop the pest’s birth lifecycle with a two-visit treatment. Kills adult pests in the first visit and targets nymphs and newly-hatched eggs in the second treatment. This helps in getting a long lasting relief from pests


1. Bayer chemicals are safe for use in homes and are HACCP certified. 2. Eliminates spiders, beetles, and cockroaches 3. Our second treatment destroys newly born eggs in addition to adult cockroaches, unlike local sprays that exclusively target adults. 4. The first visit will comprise chemical spraying in all the impacted regions. 5. During the second appointment, gel will be applied to the troubled areas. 6. 90-day warranty from the first appointment, in the event of any complaints