L’ Oréal Global Fashion Color – Signature reflects


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  • Fashionable and lavish hair hues
  • Maintain your style and display gorgeous hair wherever you go.


What can I expect from the service?


  • To choose the color and area to be concealed, the stylist discusses the client.
  • The client is wrapped with a temporary cape under the most qualified standard of cleanliness and safety.
  • Partitions done with shampooed and cleaned hair and the color mixture with all nutrients spread over predetermined spots.
  • Once the hair is shampooed and washed, Vitamin Masque is applied (Hair wash excluded and has to be done by the customer)
  • While the expected color results are seen and then blow-drying and styling assistance is offered.


Things to keep in mind


  • Before service, a customer assisted with a thorough shampoo of hair.
  • A hair wash will be available in the middle of the service also.
  • For lasting results, use shampoos and conditioners made for colored hair.