Lavender Salt Therapy



  • Lavender Salt Therapy acts as a Stress Buster and Muscle Soreness Relief.
  • Encourages to elevate mood and vanish your pain and tension

What Makes This Service Worthy?

Consultation: Our top-notch therapists will first consult with you about the advantages and their impacts while assessing concerns you might have.

Applying scrub: The therapist will start with the preparations of the body scrub by mixing the salt and lavender essential oil.

Desquamate and massage of the entire body: following the scrub massage applied to your whole body, the therapist will leave you feeling calm.


  • Salt helps in removing your pain and swelling.
  • Using lavender essential oil can assist with anxiety and stress relief.
  • Aids exfoliate skin and clear closed pores
  • Notes: Before scheduling an appointment, pre-consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.

suggested for

  • Those who are suffering from swollen muscles
  • People who are under heavy stress and wish to feel better