Natural Clove Detox Therapy + 10 Minutes Free Head Massage


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  • Concentrate on lymphatic drainage and also deep full-body cleanse.
  • Helps to Layoff toxins out of the body

Massage Process:

1 Pre-massage preparation

The ambiance and the massage bed are set-up before therapy.

2 Consultation:

Comprehending Your Necessities and providing the Service That Is Most Suitable for Your Venture

3 Massage:

A carefully prepared full-body massage with the goal of supplying total detoxification

4 Post-massage care:

Advice on aftercare and direction for your following therapy


Pre-Massage Care Guide:

1 Before scheduling an appointment, pre-consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.

2 Before your massage, let the professional know if you have any damage, problem areas, or allergies to any oils or ingredients.

3 Skip having heavy meals for at least two hours before your massage.