Nirvana Massage


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  •  ·    Boost up Blood Flow, Comes along with A Range Of Massage Techniques, and Reduces body toxins.Consultation: We acknowledge the value of a great massage, then the therapist will consult with you to understand your pain threshold and focal points of aches and pains before providing a suitable one for you.Back Massage: The therapist will use medium-pressure strokes to remove stiffness of muscles and knots utilizing knuckle sliding and kneading tricks. These methods will assist in releasing knots, reducing stiffness, and relieving muscle pains.Upper body massage: The balance of the crown creates the final harmony. The therapist implies a variety of treatments to ease head, neck, and shoulder aches and pains.Advantages:·    Reduction of rigidity and stiffness of the body muscles.·    Before booking this massage, please pre-consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.
  • ·    Skin is moisturized and handled with care.
  • ·    Guides you in healing tight muscles
  • Suggestion for Aftercare: We want to confirm that you are well taken care of, so our therapist will provide you with recommendations to make sure your back pain has Lightened.
  • Legs and Arms: After that, our therapist would engage on the lower body, releasing pressure from the arms and legs by using tricks like Effleurage and kneading. These actions will promote relaxation and aid in reducing stiffness in all places.
  • Specific Elements: The treatment would start with our therapist giving you a trademark touch that would line your chakras and use a mild Reiki healing touch.
  • What Makes This Service Worthy?
  • ·    All Inclusive of Full-Body Treatment in addition to Mild Stretching, Acupressure, And Reflexology