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Quick but worthwhile nail care routine that includes cleansing, trimming, and filing


Professional gives a large selection of high-quality nail polishes to choose from.


See how it works?

Nail care

Removing previous nail polish is pursued by cleaning, trimming, and filing your nails to your preference.

Now Soaks an ice cream ball.


Warm water, foot soaks with ice cream balls. As the ball melts

it comes up with a moisturizing bath, and a complete cleaning process takes place


Following by the removal of cuticles and cleaning the feet up to the knee with Bombini wet cleanser.


Flaking and a gentle massage


To exfoliate dead skin cells, give yourself a massage and cleanse your feet with sugar scrub until your knees.


Moisturizing mask

Application of the Bombini mask along with a brush up to the knee massage

Applying a sea cure mask along with a scrub to the knee, pursued by rubbing and applying nail polish


Applying nail polish


Long-lasting manicure, undress all the nails before applying two coats of nail polish.


Long-term impact towards Maintenace

Enduring impact and complete guidance for subsequent maintenance


Post-care TipsĀ 

Hydrate your skin

For a long-lasting Glow, frequently use moisturizer and sunscreen.


Your nails shorten

Cut your lengthy nails short to avoid breakage


Oil massage for the cuticles

Do a delicate Massage to your cuticles to hydrate them.