Sleep Therapy


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  • Comforts the mind to promote peaceful sleep
  • ┬áCombats Tension and pressure

Why should you get this service?

Restrain Sleep Pattern & Long Sleep & Good Mood

Boosting energy levels

Assist reducing muscle spasms and boosts blood flow to function as a great stress reliever

Facilitates Peaceful Sleep

Decreases Muscle Pain, Improves the Sleep cycle, and extends serotonin levels, all of which boost comfortable sleep.


Menu for necessary oils:

Sandalwood, Rose, and Lavender that Eases stress promote the senses, and fetches the body back into equilibrium.

Ginger and cloves used to Warm the muscles, reduce pain, and give tired muscles energy.

Ylang Ylang Aromatic Oil helps to reduce blood pressure, enhance mood, and alleviate the mind

Note: Before scheduling an appointment, please pre-consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions.

Skip having heavy meals for at least 2 hours before the therapy

Massage for men between 18 to 65 yrs of age