Top To Toe Deep Relaxing


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  • Moderate Pressure Complete Body Massage
  • Focused 40 Minutes of Head, Shoulder & Foot Massage¬†

 Massage Process

1 Pre-massage preparation

The ambiance and the massage bed are set up before therapy.

2 Consultation:

Comprehending Your Necessities and providing the Service That Is Most Suitable for Your Venture

3 Full body massage:

A 60-minute massage to comfort your body and mind and lessen muscular tension

4 Head, Neck, and Shoulder

The next 20 minutes are committed to soothing the upper body through a sequence of strokes and pressure zones.

5 Foot Massage:

Finally, spend 20 minutes On foot reflexology, which boosts blood flow and relieves discomfort.

6 Post-massage care

Direction on aftercare and guidance for your following therapy