Mud Bath Therapy


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  • Absorbing Natural Bentonite Clay, An Ancient Revitalization Technique
  • Releases Toxins, Controls Acne, And Reduces Cellulite

What Makes This Service Worthy?

Consultation: We acknowledge the value of a wonderful massage experience, then the therapist will consult with you to determine any priority zones to skip and provide the massage that matches your requirements.

Cleaning the aura: Footwork and an aura-cleansing process will be applied to initiate the therapy.

Application & Wrap of Mud: The natural therapeutic characteristics of the mud would then be applied and massaged to your body by our therapist, which removes toxins and extra oil from the skin. Then, our therapist would wrap you in fluffy blankets and wraps to assist open up your pores, allowing the nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Swedish Massage: After the mud wrap, our therapist will give the person a Swedish oil massage to assist the body in staying relaxed and rejoicing.

Suggestion for Aftercare: We will have a perfect idea that you’re well taken care of, then the therapist will provide recommendations to confirm your back pain has vanished.


  • Help in comforting tight muscles
  • relieving stress, and providing a pleasant mood
  • Help the skin to exhale and gives skin a healthy brightness.
  • Note: Pre-consult with the doctor if you have any medical conditions.
  • Skip a heavy meal for at least 2 hours before your massage.
  • We will not advise getting a massage when pregnant.

Top-Tier Experts:

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