Rejuvenating Deep Relax Therapy


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  • Head, Neck & Shoulder – 20 Min
  • Swedish Therapy – 60 Min
  • Foot Reflexology – 20 Min
  • Advantages: Full and Full relaxation

Massage Process

  • Arrangements for Pre: Massage: The comfortable atmosphere and the massage bed set up before therapy.
  • Consultation: Understanding your needs and providing the service that is most appropriate for your experience
  • Massage: A 60-minute head-to-toe massage to boost blood flow and reduce stress
  • Head, Neck & Shoulder: The following 20 minutes will be segragated for a series of strokes and pressure points to relax the upper body.
  • Foot Massage: Finally, spend 20 minutes on foot reflexology, which improves blood flow and reduces pain.
  • Post-Massage Care: Guidance On Aftercare & Consultation For Your Next Therapy

Guide for Pre-Massage Care

  • Before Scheduling An Appointment, Please Pre-Consult Your Doctor If You Have Any Health Issues.
  • Before Your Massage, Kindly Let The Professional Know If You Have Any Damages, Trouble Areas, Or Oil- Or Ingredient-Related Allergies.
  • We Will Not Advise Getting A Massage When Pregnant.
  • Skip Having Heavy Meals At Least 2 Hours Before Your Massage

Why Choose SOC

  • Atmosphere- Locating A Spa In The Comfort Of Your Home.
  • Talented therapists- Trained Massage Therapists With Expertise In Miscellaneous Massage Techniques.
  • special Massages- Customized therapies as per your requirements & problem areas.
  • High-Level Products- Comfortable Massage Tables & Natural Essential Oils.
  • Peaceful Environment- All Over clean up after service.

Side Note

Note: Only Female Therapists Provide All Treatments At The Spa For Ladies.